Our Production

Ses Kimya A.S. has its own modern production facilities with the production area of 2.000 m2. The enterprise has 3 production areas, full automatic production lines, warehouses for storage of raw materials and finished products. There are research and development laboratory (R & D Laboratory), an operational department of logistics and customs brokers in its structure.




- Professional detergents for cleaning companies, hotels and restaurants, transport companies, medical, educational and sports institutions;

- Household products for cleaning and washing various surfaces in the kitchen, in the toilet, bathroom and throughout the house;

- Cosmetic and personal care products, as well as other products.


     Like all essential, our products have their origin ... They are developed in the laboratory, subjected to tests and analysis and then launched into production. Development is carried out by highly qualified specialists. At each stage of the technological process, there is a careful monitoring.

     Finished products are stored in specially equipped storage facilities, which allows to ensure the storage in accordance with all norms and requirements. The operational department and customs brokers of our company provide fast and qualified operations for the shipment of goods for export.

     The products of our company are represented by 9 trademarks, which are the property of the company. The assortment of the goods accounts 150 various items, constant development of new products is taking place. All products ara produced by the means of modern technologies, based on high-quality raw produced by the means of modern technologies, based on high-quality raw materials.

     The company made special efforts to create environmentally friendly reagents to fight snow and ice. Visit our web page and get more detailed information about the products. www.snowfighter.com.tr



- High-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials; 
- Four-stage water purification system; 
- Modern production equipment with high-performance; 
- Multiple quality control system; 
- Constant development of new and improvements to existing formulas and recipes.

In addition to good quality, the company is trying to provide competitive prices available to a wide range of consumers.

We believe that good quality and affordable price can be achieved by well-organized production process, well-established logistics, modern management and contribution to human resources.

We are taking care about the relevance of our assortment, modernity and contemporaneity of our designs and the competitiveness of our prices.

Our priority is to take care of our consumers and consider their needs, to meet high standards of quality!