Who We Are


Ses Kimya A.S. is the manufacturing and exporting company with 25 years of industrial & commercial experience. 
Date and place of establishment: 1999, Istanbul (Turkey).
Activity: manufacturing of cosmetics, perfumes, personal and baby care products, household and cleaning products. 
Type of enterprise: Joint-stock company. 
The territory occupied by the enterprise: 2.000 m2.



1999 — foundation of the company Ses Kimya A.S. The main activity of the company was production of powder and liquid detergents in the enterprise with a covered area of 665 m2. The company was producing 72 different types of products and created a domestic network of dealers in the field of cleaning products.


2002 — thanks to the establishment in the structure of the company of the laboratory department of research and development (R & D Laboratory), Ses Kimya A.S. began to work over the production of environmentally friendly chemicals, expanding the production area to 2.000 m2, and the products' types up to 120 items.


2004 — using innovative technologies and the development of our chemists, the company began the production of environmentally friendly reagents as a result of searching for alternatives to replace the previously existing methods of fighting snow and ice.


2011 — having the aim of expanding the sales of products, the company entered into the international markets. The company's products have a successful demand in the countries of the Near and Middle East, Africa, South America, some CIS countries and the Balkans.


Till these days Ses Kimya A.S. successfully runs foreign economic activities by selling and marketing its products in 18 countries around the world.



Due to investments in the research laboratory Ses Kimya A.S. ensured the possibility of expanding the range of environmentally friendly chemical products. The company uses its modern production facilities in full for the production of such products.